How To Be A Happy Single Parent Book

Here’s what you need to know about the BEST single parenting book on the market! 

What Is The Book About?

How To Be A Happy Single Parent will help all single and solo parents, however they’ve come to be flying solo, build a life that is right for them, and their children. It will guide all newly single and solo mums and dads through surviving the first few weeks to moving on, through legal matters, co-parenting negotiations. It will talk them through finding a helping hand as a solo parent and into dating and navigating work and holidays alone with the kids (or without them!).  

Zoë and I want to show people that single parenting isn’t something to survive, it’s a life that’s filled with opportunities and adventures. It is a life worth celebrating and aspiring to. 

Who Is The Book For?

Because Zoë and I have similar single parenting journeys, we wanted to make sure that our book was useful for as many different family setups as possible. Because one of the most wonderful things about the single parenting community is how diverse it is. So we invited  a host of single and solo parents from all backgrounds and in a host of different situations to share their stories with us and show us that whatever your setup, you’re not doing this alone. This book is for the co-parents, the widow/ers, the solo mums and dads by choice, the solo adopters, and the would-be single parents.

How To Be A Happy Single Parent, from £9.99

IT’S MY BOOK (& my dear friend Zoë’s). Many, many, many hours and days and weeks and months of love went into it, and I hope you’ll find it helpful. Buy if for the single parents in your life.

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