The most common google searches in pregnancy

If there’s one thing I learnt while pregnant, it’s that however niche your question about your pregnancy, another mother-to-be will have already asked it. During my pregnancy, I searched dozens of increasingly obscure questions and never came up blanks. Granted, most of the resulting pages are chatroom/comment threads without actual answers to the question you’re searching, but in terms of not feeling alone, it’s ace.

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash
Photo by Fallon Michael 

Most Frequently Asked Questions In Pregnancy

Here are some of my more random searches during pregnancy (and some answers)…

‘Is it safe to use bouncy castle while pregnant?’

(I was going to a birthday BBQ with one and I REALLY didn’t want to miss out)

Answer: No specific medical advice, but best avoided due to the increased risk of injury. Falls, trips and bumps are common on bouncy castles, so you’re better off sitting out the bouncing if you’re pregnant. If you really can’t resist, choose a moment when there’s nobody else bouncing and try not to fall over.

‘Being punched in the stomach in early pregnancy’

(No actual punch experienced, but my cat jumped onto me really hard (it was more of a pounce than a jump, really) and I thought the cat-pounce search was a little too niche.)

Answer: The little babe is well protected in there. Being punched is best avoided (bloody cats) but you should be OK.

‘Can I eat cheesecake while pregnant?’


Answer: If it’s baked.

‘Can I play tennis pregnant?’

(Please say no, please say no, please say no.)

Answer: New sports are best avoided. What. A. Shame.

‘Normal weight gain in pregnancy’

(Because WHOA I got heavy.)

Answer: It varies from person to person but roughly 10-12.5kg is average.

‘Baby on board badge rude London’

(Because THIS.)

Answer: Yes, London is rude.

‘Sweat pregnancy’

(TMI? Sorry but was going through a second adolescence.)

Answer: Yes, it can increase. Super.

 ‘Cheesecake pregnancy’

(Was just double checking.)

Answer: Still needs to be baked.

‘Can you drink wine while pregnant?’

(I’d never needed wine more in my life. But I’ve needed it a lot more post-birth.)

Answer: Every single doctor, government and person has an opinion on this and none of them are exactly the same. (Current) official advice is to avoid alcohol entirely while pregnant.

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