A love letter to red wine

Dear red wine.

I miss you. Since we’ve been apart (four months and 11 days, not that I’m counting), you’ve been everywhere around me. As I write this the lady next to me on the train is drinking you, from a mini plastic bottle decanted into a flimsy clear plastic cup. Even looking your worst, like this, I am still attracted to you.

You smell delicious. Why didn’t I appreciate you while I had you? I always passed on taking in your delicious aroma and brought you straight to my lips without a pause. When we meet again I will be different. I’ll never take you for granted. I won’t waste the once or twice a week that I have a glass of you on whatever is on offer. I’ll find your finest vintage and savour every drop.

Until we meet again.  xxx

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6 thoughts on “A love letter to red wine

  1. Haha this is gold! I have the same love affair with red wine. I've just stopped breast feeding so I'm having lots of fun being reunited with my long lost love. K x #brilliantblogposts

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