Pregnancy week 21: Nailed it

I have a tendency to be cynical. I find the cloud to every silver lining. But this week I’ve discovered a true upside to being pregnant. A beauty upside, that is. As a beauty editor there are certain expectations in the grooming department. I should, in theory, have nice nails so that I don’t have to hide my hands under the table in meetings. But in practice I’ve never managed to maintain long nails or bothered with regular manicures. 

But right now, my nails are spectacular. Regardez-vous s’il vous plait (sorry, my French is not dissimilar to Del Boy’s)… 

Boris in the background there might look unimpressed, but this the the longest and strongest my nails have ever been. 

Apparently pregnancy hormones spur the extra growth of nails, so I intend to make the most of my new found talons with optimum nail-on-desk-drumming, cat-ear-scratching and general hand gazing. 

*If this post has disturbed anyone with it’s cheerful, upbeat tone, fear not. More moans are doubtless on the way*

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