Sarah Silverman on Working Dads

I won’t attempt to say this better than Sarah Silverman, so just watch her bit on why becoming a mother is a bigger undertaking than becoming a father.

After all, if becoming a mother meant continuing your exact same life, but being able to come home from work to a cute (hopefully) child that you could play with for a while, while your other half completed all the unappealing parenting tasks, and as you continue prioritising your work life and personal goals, who wouldn’t sign up?

The option isn’t usually there for mothers.

And I’m not saying all mothers would want it if it were there, (being a hands-on mum is pretty much the appeal for a lot of mothers), but wouldn’t it be great if the dad version of parenting was on the table, too? After-all, they can take the hands-on dad route, if they care to.

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