Baby buy of the week: TU Cute

I never thought I’d be the sort of parent to dress my little boy like a prince from the 80s. I always pictured dressing him in statement prints and cute slogan tees, adorable but completely pointless mini trainers.
As soon as I had Jack the ‘cute but pointless’ category of clothing got a big red line through it (not to be a mum-cliché, but practicality rules). But the thing that’s surprised me the most is my penchant for preppy little traditional ensembles.
Sailor outfits. GIMME MORE.
Bib short and peter pan collars? YES PLEASE.
Which is why my buy of the week this week is TU’s bib shorts and top combo – I’m SO buying this for our family holiday in Cornwall (another mum-cliché I’m really looking forward to). At £10 it’s totally worth a splurge – Jack will be prince for the day.

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