Cats & Babies: What having cats taught me about parenthood

During my pregnancy, when people asked how I was prepared for parenthood (like I could reply honestly: “I’m not”…) I always replied with: “Well, I’m really good with cats,” Now that I’m a mum, I can tell you exactly what having cats taught me about having kids. 


Weirdly, babies are nothing like cats. Petting them behind the ears and giving them a treat does nothing for them. You can’t let them sleep in your handbag. Or on your laptop. Or at the foot of your bed. They’re really loud. And quite demanding. 

Also, people said that having a baby would make me love my cats less. ‘The overwhelming love you feel for your cats will pale in comparison to this new love as a mum’, they said. Again, not true. Having Jack has made me love my cats even more. Yes, yes, I love Jack a LOT. A lot a lot. As promised, I have never felt love like it. BUT having a teeny tiny human attached to my hip 24 hours a day has made me appreciate the uncomplicated, low maintenance relationship that I have with my two black and white moggies, who need feeding twice a day and the occasional scratch behind the ear. 

Ziggy Stardust and Boris, you’re wonderful. 

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