Welcome to My Spare Room Project

Since I’ve been pregnant, my Googling habits have broadened considerably. No longer do I simply alternate searches for ‘funny cat’ and ‘baby sloths’ mixed in with the usual ‘London weather’ and ‘BBC Football’. I now search ‘16 weeks pregnant baby size’ and ‘eat cheesecake while pregnant’ (< that one crops up a lot).

I also have the urge to write (/rant, a lot) about other things. I work at GLAMOUR, where my role of Style Editor fulfils my need to forecast fashion trends and collate shopping and beauty edits, but less so to rattle off a paragraph about tomato cravings and fainting on trains. If fashion trends are really more your thing, hop back over to GLAMOUR.com (it’s rather excellent) but if you’d like to stay and chat about babies and cats (in absolutely no order of preference) then welcome along to… MY SPARE ROOM PROJECT

(…Which was the name of the secret Pinterest board I made to start planning a nursery for my four week tadpole before telling anyone it was there.)

This is me. Taken by a pro for a GLAMOUR profile shot and when I had nice long orange hair. It’s blonde now. And I am slightly more haggard looking. 

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And even Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/rebecca_cox

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