The Story of my Best Friend’s Hen-Do

One of my best buds gets hitched in four weeks, and she (perhaps misguidedly) asked me to be a bridesmaid. Together with three others (two of whom are also mums, hello slap-dash organising team), we organised her a night away in Cardiff, the city she met her future husband (a bloody lovely Welshman).

There are certain stereotypes about mums on nights out, many of which I have personally taken issue with (please see my response to ‘How to spot a mum on a night out’ here). In this piece, I did state, quite clearly, that if I ever discovered that becoming a mum transformed me into a nightmare on a night out, I would publicly apologise. Please consider this my apology.

This is the story of my day…

10.12am: We board the train to Cardiff

bridesmaids gif

10.13am: The first bottle of bubbles is popped


11.45am: Arrive in Cardiff. Some people still have their G&T tins in their goody bags. Others don’t.


12.10pm: Bags dropped at the hotel. Ready to paaaaartty.

1pm: Lunch is served. So is the wine.

Winnie the Pooh

2.30pm: Board the boat. More Prosecco is served.


(Actual footage from the party boat)

The Mother Edit Gif

4pm: Enter another bar. I think.

drunk walk

6.30pm (maybe): Back to hotel, change, back out.

Bridesmaids gif

8pm (again, meh): Cocktails


8.30pm – 9pm: Arrive at dinner table. Head starts doing this.

spinning gif

9.30pm: Kind friend walks me back to hotel, tucks me into bed

sleep gif

And then…

2.15am: I wake up. Everybody is still out.

2.16am: I decide I need to rejoin the party. I leave the hotel for the second time feeling like…

2.30am: I enter the Welsh Club all…

Until 4am: The party is in full swing.

Romy & Michelle

The result: I was hopefully forgiven for aforementioned #mumsgonewild behaviour.


Let this be a lesson to you all. Pace yourself, ladies.

And Becky, I promise not to behave this way at your actual wedding.

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