How to React When People Judge You Breastfeeding in Public

Since becoming a mum, it’s become impossible not to notice the constant media obsession with breastfeeding. Is it easy (ahem, Jamie Oliver)? Too hard? Is there enough support? How should we do it in public? Should it be done on a train? When should you stop? Blah blah blaahhhhh.

I’m happy to talk for hours about my own breastfeeding experiences, and give advice to BF mums, but only if asked. I have zero judgement or expectation on other mums as to their choices on how they feed their baby. But I do have pretty serious views on people judging other mums’ choices. From choosing bottle over breast, or feeding until their children are past potty training, whatever is right for your child is good enough for me.

And I know from personal experience that breastfeeding in public is something that people still get grief for. So if you’re in the midst of feeding a hungry babe, either read my guide here, or read on for some light relief and a little sass…

8 Warranted Reactions to People Who Judge You Breastfeeding in Public

You’re in public, you’re feeding your baby. Someone, of very little brain, is passing judgement. You… 

Judge them back.
Them: ‘Why are you breastfeeding your baby here?’
You: ‘Why are you wearing your hair in here?’

wtf gif

Smile politely.
While doing this:

middle finger gif

Give them this absolute boss stare of doom.
Watch them crawl under a rock (/table).

stare gif

Set a friend on them.
They should do this…

get out gif

Stand and do a victory lap around said establishment with child still attached to your nipple.

dont care lol gif

Thank them for noticing and acknowledging your completely awesome mumming abilities.

thank you gif

Absolutely, positively don’t stop what you’re doing.

mmmm no gif

Give. Zero. Fucks.
The absolute best method. But takes a little practice.

zero fucks gif

Once mastered, your standard reaction to anyone caught looking, remarking, staring, commenting or otherwise judging your al fresco feeding will be met with… 

Go forth, and breastfeed wherever and whenever you want to. Or, you know, don’t. No judgement.

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