Since Jack now weighs about 13kg and I’m still carrying him around in a sling (yes, I’m one of those mums,) this post feels particularly apt… 

Ouch. Really, really ouch.

I knew that parenting would be hard work. But I focused more the emotional aspects and sleep deprivation when I pictured the hardships that would come with gaining a teeny, tiny person of my very own.
What I didn’t consider, was the back pain that comes with having a baby. And as Jack gets bigger, it’s only getting worse.
I feel I may have a chiropractor on speed-dial very soon.
5 things that break your back in the first year of parenting…
  1. Carrying a little human around all day every day. Seriously. You can never put them down. And while you half listened in the gym when they told you about best lifting practices, the fact is you scoop them up however you can get hold of them and always carry them on your favoured side (left, to keep the right hand free) resulting in crooked-back-syndrome.
  2. Breast-feeding in weird positions to try and get at least a few minutes of sleep. Feeding lying down isn’t as easy or comfortable as you might think.
  3. Lowering them down and picking them up from their cot. Endlessly. For hours. While they cry.
  4. Walking a bit weirdly pushing your pram. You don’t know you’re doing it. But you are.
  5. Walking behind them endlessly as they toddle along learning to walk as you hold them under their arms or by their hands. ‘Cruising’ they call it. Just who exactly is cruising, in this situation? My boy’s steps are more of a lumpy trot and my crooked, bent-over lumbering behind is the least cruise-like movement imaginable. And it’s BREAKING MY BACK.

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