#KitchenKaraoke: Rolling in the Deep (& a Love Letter to Adele)

Our latest Kitchen Karaoke is one of our all-time favourites and a sure-fire pick me up; Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. 

And I just want to say this…

Thank you Adele for providing a song for every occasion; this song is guaranteed to make my boy dance and giggle no matter how glum he’s feeling.

I sing your version of Make You Feel My Love to Jack every night before bedtime, and more than once he’s fallen asleep in my arms to it.

I peek out from behind doors and sing ‘Hello‘ at him at least once a day.

And singing ‘Someone Like You‘ really loud at him will usually break a tantrum.

Your songs have kept me sane(ish) since becoming a mum. 


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