ICYMI, at the end of last year I wrote this letter to single mums for Harper’s Bazaar, with things to remember when times get hard.

Right now I’m recovering from a 24 hour bug, I’ve had a frozen neck, been sick, had the chills, a pounding headache and aches and pains all over. Last night I lay in bed barely able to move after Jack had climbed into bed with me and kicked me incessantly in the ribs all night and demanded I accompany him on three separate toilet trips, and thought about what I wouldn’t give to be able to say to someone ‘can you deal with him?‘.

On the whole, I love being a single mum. I love our little impenetrable team of two. But that one day in a hundred where you’re really, really sick, it blows. If this is your 1/100 day, give THIS a read. And stay strong.

Harper’s Bazaar: A Letter to Single Mums: How to Survive When It’s All Too Much

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