New mothers only talk about…

There is a belief amongst non-mothers that new mothers only talk about poo, sick and sleep. More specifically, the poo, sick and sleep of their newborn. I would like to myth-bust this assumption forever. 

Yes, in the last 12 weeks there has been a lot of conversation about poo, sick and sleep (or, when it comes to this last one, the lack there of). Especially with my fellow new mothers.

Firstly, (although you may think I do not need to justify or qualify these perfectly interesting topics of conversation), let me point out that new babies are rather unaccomplished. Jack’s main daily achievements are usually what he projectiles out of his body at either end. And the lack of sleep needs to be discussed often to explain to people why I have bags under my eyes that stretch to my chin and have been wearing the same vomit-soaked jeans on inside-out for three days straight. 

However, give me something else to talk about and I will gladly participate, to the very best of my ability. I may not have done anything but clean up vomit and try to reason with a small gremlin-child for weeks, but I vaguely remember I time when I did other things too. The weather’s semi-interesting. And I’ve been watching X Factor occasionally. And didn’t Donald Trump say something mind-blowingly stupid the other day? So let’s put poo to one side for once. Come on, you pick the topic…

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