A tidal wave of vomit

I have experienced some unpleasant things in my time.

  1. A carton of curry soup once leaked in my (unlined) leather Mulberry bag.
  2. I once stepped on a slug. Without any socks on. 
  3. When I was little I ate what I believed to be a piece of green pepper. It was a very small, very hot, green chilli. 
  4. A duck once stood on my foot when I was wearing open-toed sandals.
  5. When he was a couple of weeks old Jack pooed (with some force) all over my new cream carpet. 

But none of these things are as unpleasant as being woken in the morning by a face full of warm wet baby projectile vomit that has your child has missiled at you from their crib. 

It was a chunderstrom. 

Nay, a VOMcano. 

Reflux mums: We stand united. 

2 thoughts on “A tidal wave of vomit

  1. I remember getting vommed on as I picked him up from hos cot and we were both covered head to toe in vomit. My (then long) hair was soaked! I just rang my mum as I had no idea what to do and she said strip him and put him in a seat next to the shower as I showered first then swap. Oh reflux, how I miss you #not

  2. Yep! I've been there – finally get round to washing your hair and within 20 minutes it's soaked in vomit. Lesson learnt – the hair is always up at feeding times!

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