Being pregnant in the #HeatWave

Everyone’s making Pimms and scouting for picnic spots. I’m sitting in the shade doing this: 

And I have to get into work somehow but I’m too wide to try and walk in 30 degree heat, London buses have recorded 45 degrees so that just leaves the tube. And there’s a whole lot of this going on down there: 

So when I finally get off at Oxford Circus I’m all: 

And the rest of the women in London are all over the heat wave. They’re going into work in cute little playsuits and halo braids and to me they all look like: 

Whereas I have to pop to the ladies every five minutes all: 

Seriously. The sweat: 


And at the end of the day I feel like everyone is off to a roof top bar to do some of this: 

And my invites have dried up completely. Which might be because everyone assumes I’m too pregnant to have fun (which they may be right about) or it may be because I look like this: 

So while the rest of the UK sets up camp in pub gardens, lido loungers and patio deck chairs, I’ll just wait for temperatures to return to normal. And continue to behave like this: 


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2 thoughts on “Being pregnant in the #HeatWave

  1. Haha that made me laugh but then reminded me of how hard being pregnant in the summer was, hope things get easier and the days are cooler! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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