The 17 best things about being pregnant

Since I spend most of my life being sarcastic and/or moaning about the incompetence of myself or others, I thought it would be good to pause, and think of all the things that are grrrrrreat about being pregnant.

1. Hopefully get a cute little baby at the end of it. That’s fairly exciting.

2. Legitimate excuse to stop wearing skinny jeans all the time.

3. Because, you know…

4. …And therefore not having to breathe in all the time.

5. Never having a hangover.

6. Like, ever.

7. And never being THIS person.

8. (Or this one…)

9. Trading in parties you weren’t that keen to go to for more quality time in. With your cats.

10. And having the best excuse ever for leaving early.

11. So you often wake up on a Saturday morning all:

12. Instead of your usual:

13. New party tricks. Impressive.

14. Having a whole new world of fashion options.

15. Like, erm, trousers with a stretchy waistband. HELLO? The. Dream.

16. And people don’t get mad at you when you screw up. Because it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. #babybrain

17. You sort of feel like you might never be lonely again. And that’s kind of wonderful.

Please expect ‘the WORST things about being pregnant’ very soon. Bloody hormones. 

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