Things that make you cry in pregnancy

I’m now nearly 38 weeks. And I’m ready. Ready to meet the baba, yes, but SO so ready to stop being pregnant. On the whole, I’ve enjoyed pregnancy. The excitement of the growing bump and movements, seeing my little one on the scans and wondering what they will be like and whether they’ll be more like me or Adam or a perfect little stranger. 

But the end is in sight and I’m ready for it. Sleep is a thing of distant memories, which means I’m even more emotional than I was when it was just the cray cray hormones messing me up. Literally anything can bring on tears right now (so probably for the best that I’m now home alone rather than facing the commute to London – as I’d probably run out of tear juice). Unfortunately for Adam and my family, there’s no way of knowing what will make me cry, but as a guide, these things are almost guaranteed to bring on the water works. 

1. Trying to put on socks and shoes
If it’s not warm enough for flip-flops, there will be tears. Trying to bend into the position needed to get socks on is hard enough to bring on tears of frustration in seconds. Add a cat chasing your shoelaces into the mix and it’s a full on break-down situation. 

2. Actually, getting dressed. Full stop. 
Trying to loop legs up into trouser legs. Trying to make t-shirts and jeans meet in the middle. Finding things that have buttons that will do up. God it’s just so hard.

3. Opening your phone camera when it’s set to selfie mode
The triple chin from below. I could cry just thinking about it. 

4. One born every minute
I’m still watching it. The tears are either excitement or fear related. In equal measures. 

5. Getting a compliment
Adam isn’t exactly free and easy with the compliments. But when he does say something nice, it WILL cause tears.

6. Any argument
From a row about money to a misunderstanding at the ticket office; any conflict WILL result in tears. (So don’t start, please. Just let me be right.)

7. Trying to get out of bed
Imagine a tortoise on it’s shell trying to right itself. 

Just reading this list… Someone pass the Kleenex. 

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