Have a Baby, Lose Your Mind

Throughout pregnancy, people often refer to having ‘baby brain’. And while medical studies do note changes to a woman’s brain throughout pregnancy and for two years after birth (specifically in relation to the brain’s response to seeing your child’s face), there’s no actual evidence that motherhood makes you more forgetful.


Before I had Jack, I was a pretty dependable adult. I always met deadlines, I was always on time, nay, early, and I usually had my stuff together.

Along comes the screamer, however, and that all changes. Brain malfunctions too plentiful to mention occurred during pregnancy, but it’s the post-birth mental lapses that worry me the most.

My latest fail occurred today when I arranged for Jack to have an extra day’s childcare, dropped him in to nursery, handed over his overnight bag to his lovely Granny, came home and packed up my overnight night bag and passport and left the house to head off to Paris for a work trip (more on that to follow later this month, if I don’t mess it up again).

Checking in on my emails I receive an urgent reply from the PR arranging my travel:


I smugly (if somewhat disappointedly) scrolled through my emails to find her miscommunication, only to find every single email we’ve exchanged has the date In. The. Subject. Line.

I can only draw the conclusion that my brain has to fit so many more jobs in it these days, a couple are bound to be squeezed out. Hopefully international travel plans stay put in the future, however.



Please, tell me I’m not alone, in the comments below… Thanks 🙂

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