Pants and fears

A pivotal moment in my pregnancy, or possibly life at a larger scale… Going into Marks & Spencer with my mum and buying the exact same pants. Is that it now? Have I turned into my mother? Only time (and pants) will tell.

The awkward bump

The second trimester is supposed to be the good part of pregnancy. The sickness has stopped, your ‘pretty hormones’ kick in (hair thickens, skin starts to glow, people say ‘wow you look well etc etc’), you’re not yet as big as a house so can enjoy being pregnant without drastically […]

A love letter to red wine

Dear red wine. I miss you. Since we’ve been apart (four months and 11 days, not that I’m counting), you’ve been everywhere around me. As I write this the lady next to me on the train is drinking you, from a mini plastic bottle decanted into a flimsy clear plastic […]

Things to do while pregnant – 20 weeks

Answer = Get new hair. Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve thought of practically nothing else. Which I guess is normal, given that I’ve never grown another human before. But it can be pretty consuming: nine months is a long time to entertain just the one thought. I hadn’t been to […]

Feeling baby kick for the first time

I’d read online about feeling your baby kick, expecting to feel some ‘movement’ at around 18-20 weeks (thanks NHS etc) that felt like flutters. And I did – at around 16-17 weeks I felt bubble like feelings in my tummy that at first I couldn’t tell if they were the […]

Welcome to My Spare Room Project

Since I’ve been pregnant, my Googling habits have broadened considerably. No longer do I simply alternate searches for ‘funny cat’ and ‘baby sloths’ mixed in with the usual ‘London weather’ and ‘BBC Football’. I now search ‘16 weeks pregnant baby size’ and ‘eat cheesecake while pregnant’ (< that one crops […]