Breastfeeding In Public: A Guide

Breastfeeding in public is not a topic worth debating. I cannot be bothered to lay out an argument for or against because quite simply there is no viable ‘against’ argument. It’s what women were given breasts for, and telling them not to use them as intended to nourish their babies […]

Have a Baby, Lose Your Mind

Throughout pregnancy, people often refer to having ‘baby brain’. And while medical studies do note changes to a woman’s brain throughout pregnancy and for two years after birth (specifically in relation to the brain’s response to seeing your child’s face), there’s no actual evidence that motherhood makes you more forgetful. […]

The early hour

Everything was going quite well for a while there. After sleep training I had a couple of months of pretty decent sleep, bed around 7 and then up at 6am. Early, 6am, yes, but after 10 months of multiple wakes and nights-becoming-days-with-no-edges a dream, really. Next we’ll work on getting […]

Baby buy of the week: TU Cute

I never thought I’d be the sort of parent to dress my little boy like a prince from the 80s. I always pictured dressing him in statement prints and cute slogan tees, adorable but completely pointless mini trainers. As soon as I had Jack the ‘cute but pointless’ category of […]

Because Mummy IS the best

So buy these 5 items now.  But one day he’s going to actually start picking his own clothes (or at least vetting your choices).  Pure Cotton I Love Mummy Lots & Lots Slogan Top, £5, Marks & Spencer Family love graphic bodysuit, £4.99, Gap Family love shortie one-piece, £14.95, Gap […]

Good morning world

Isn’t it a glorious thing to greet each day at a minute past midnight? And then 40 minutes later?And then an hour after that?And then three more times before dawn?And then to rise at 5.58am for the day? No it isn’t.Now sod off.