Lost and Found

LOST: One jawline. Last seen, around six weeks ago, being gradually swallowed by the rest of my face. Suspect it’s hiding somewhere between bottom of face and top of neck, but can’t be sure. If found, please return to me.  FOUND: One large ‘birthing ball’ – as recommended by my yoga […]


There are 50 days to go until D-Day. The end is in sight!  I am bound to give birth on my exact due date right? RIGHT! So that’s only 49 more sleepless nights of backache and cramp to go! Because I’m bound to get plenty of good nights of sleep […]

Falling over at 31 weeks pregnant

I’ve been running around feeling pretty smug over the last week or so. People have stopped marvelling over the enormity of my bump, and instead consistently tell me how ‘neat’ I am. (I’ve always suspected I’m pretty neat.) I’ve been feeling good, aside from some back ache and a bit […]

Maternity fashion: A case for dungarees

It’s not easy to dress when pregnant. Especially if you usually dress in jeans, t-shirts, peasant blouses and leather jackets. The fashion industry assumes that if you’re pregnant, you must be a grown-up, and when it comes to fashion, I’m just not. I wouldn’t wear a polka-dot wrap dress at […]

Being pregnant in the #HeatWave

Everyone’s making Pimms and scouting for picnic spots. I’m sitting in the shade doing this:  And I have to get into work somehow but I’m too wide to try and walk in 30 degree heat, London buses have recorded 45 degrees so that just leaves the tube. And there’s a whole […]

The 17 best things about being pregnant

Since I spend most of my life being sarcastic and/or moaning about the incompetence of myself or others, I thought it would be good to pause, and think of all the things that are grrrrrreat about being pregnant. 1. Hopefully get a cute little baby at the end of it. […]

A bump and the matter of public property

“Hello casual acquaintance. I hope you’re well? And may I say, you have an unusually large nose for a 29-year-old.”No, that doesn’t go down well in social situations. So why is it appropriate to pass comment on the size of a near-stranger’s baby bump? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking […]

Kate Hudson rubbed my baby bump

And made me really, really happy. At Tuesday night’s Glamour Awards, I was on the red carpet as usual doing all the celeb interviews – and half way through my interview with Kate Hudson she noticed I was pregnant, and this happened… The bump has friends in high places already. […]

Brits Abroad

Reasons for going on holiday include: to relax; the experience different cultures; to see another part of the world; to relax a bit more.  The different culture element, particularly experiencing the cuisine, architecture, local customs etc has always been a major factor for me. But every once in a while, […]